Video & audio

Sports Publications boasts a full, in-house video and audio team. We have the capability to provide high-quality video productions for a wide range of applications including: event videography; promotional video; social media clips; explainer animations; animated logos; and sports videography.

Our increasingly popular YouTube channel is supported by our in-house social media team who regularly use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to help grow our video audience. This is achieved through strategic social promotion campaigns which are video-based and feature high-quality video advertising which we produce from our very own North Leeds video studio.

At you can see our self-contained video section which provides users with quick and easy access to our video offerings. These can be filtered by category, searched and previewed easily from one simple, eye-catching gallery. That makes it easy to navigate our video content and guaranteeing high levels of audience retention.

Our current video strategy is audience-focussed, meaning that content production is based on providing set categories of video regularly. This means that we can appeal to a large audience base by creating a steady stream of wide-ranging content.

Get in touch to let us know your video requirements and our fully equipped video team will be able to tailor a project to your needs.

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