Seize Control – The best content marketing tips for 2019

It is all happening, isn’t it? A new year is here, and we are all back to 0. In the world of digital content it has never been more important to have a pause, a reset, and reflect on what is and isn’t working, to plan better, and to take control.

We are always ‘on’, there is always something happening, there is always something we should be doing more of online, a new trend, a new fad. What we need is to take a step back and take control. With that in mind here our best content marketing tips for 2019.

Best content marketing tips for 2019

1. In the words of Louis Walsh: “Make it your own”

You have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. Hell, you might even have an Instagram account. Well done, so does everyone else. It is how you use it that counts.

Your audience is tired of reposts, it is bored of retweets, and it is down right disgusted by the repurposing of others people’s stuff and you calling it your own.

If you are going to profess to being a publisher of content, however small, you need your own content and it needs to be good, it needs to be original, and it needs to be authentic.

2. You need a content plan

The internet does not have a beginning, middle and end like your old members’ magazine used to, or a good book does. It is a never-ending soup of stuff.

You need to give it structure. A calendar has structure. Think about what your audience wants to hear about and when, think about what you want to tell it and when.

Make a calendar of content, tell your audience what is coming when and stick to it. It will increase engagement, loyalty and, perhaps most importantly, it will keep you sane.

3. Do it because the data stays so

You need to get on top of your analytics. All of the tools you need to make data driven decisions on types, times and tone of content are available to you for free.

Stick to what this tells you, make more of the good stuff, ditch the duds, and don’t get swept along in all of the latest trends. If you have tried a podcast and it works, do more. If you have experimented with a viral video and it flops, ditch it.

You will read a million blogs this January saying you simply “must try this new shiny online tool”, or you must get your brand on this incredible new social media channel. You really don’t, you just need some fit for purpose content and a plan.

Tom Irwin, Commercial Director at Sports Publications